Composing in the Wilderness - 2017


“Composing In The Wilderness is a life-changing event no matter who you are.”
— Brent Lawrence (Eugene, Oregon, USA)
“At Composing in the Wilderness, I am my truest self, both as a composer and as a person”
— Christina Rusnak (Portland, Oregon, USA)

excerpts of the pieces:


“I signed up for this trip with a certain set of expectations; it shattered all of them. Even though I had previously lived in Alaska for three years, I saw it in an entirely new light. This experience was intense and immersive and exceptionally awe-inspiring. I felt a renewed love for composing my feelings, discovered a new love for hiking, and received an unexpected love from the people. My God, the people. Of all things, I did not expect to join a little family - but I did.”
— Corinna Hogan (Gatesville, Texas, USA)

The nine works the composers created in 2017 became the inspiration for 18 wonderful pieces of art by some of Alaska's most talented artists.  Take a look!


  • Unexpectedly having a visit from NASA.
  • Discovering JUST HOW GOOD our chefs at Coal Creek were.
  • Perfect river-crossing form.
  • Posing as Santa's team of reindeer.
  • The "Elements" artists and their amazing vision for what to do with the final compositions.