Beauty and Conflict Go Hand in Hand
Acrylic painting
19"h x 12"w (diptych)

Mary Bee Kaufman

created in response to Turbulence
composed by Libby Meyer

Harmony and discord through the movement and pulse of water are a prominent theme in Libby Meyer’s composition. I chose to emphasize these differences in two panels. As a progression of arpeggios descends and flows forming a bouncing melody, one instrument following the next, the top panel echoes these harmonious organic, tumbling shapes. 
Flatted notes and bass clarinet and vibraphone accents define changes in cadence creating a sense of tension.  In the lower panel the design gradually descends into conflict and disorder with broken and blurred edges. 

During the process of painting I felt a need to express an emotional connection as well….to reflect upon the struggles we must all go through to protect “special places.”