Art quilt
16"h x 17"w

Ree Nancarrow

created in response to Turbulence
composed by Libby Meyer

The recurring, descending pattern of melody makes me think of water; it descends as rain, flows from hillsides and mountains, and gathers in streams.  The melody dominates the other musical notes, so I chose to make the rivulets of water dark against a lighter background.  Water rises and falls like musical notes on sheet music.  
The melody becomes discordant, evoking flowing water crashing up against obstacles.  My water rivulets surge up, and meet with printed areas of confused imagery.  The water flows over and around the obstacles; it returns to relative calm, and the process repeats itself.  The overlying quilting lines emphasize this continuum.  The abrupt ending is depicted by the dark rectangle in the right margin.  The image and music are finite, but the cycle of water continues forever.