Denali Colloquy_850px.jpg

Denali Colloquy
Artist book
10”h x 15”w 

Susan Campbell

created in response to Look Up
composed by Corinna Hogan

As I listened to the cello, flute, and percussion shaping Corinna Hogan’s rhythmic, contemplative composition Look Up, I imagined walking, watching the colors, textures, and patterns of the Denali landscape. I have spent many days hiking in Denali Park and, like Corinna, I have been astounded by the vast beauty of Denali’s wilderness, astonished by the majestic and the minuscule.

In this flitch book, Denali Colloquy, I have arranged objects that could all be found in Denali, though none of them were collected there. The arrangement of the artifacts complements the repeating patterns in Look Up and, like the music, offers an opportunity to pause and pay attention. It is an invitation to notice the myriad wonders that shape the Denali landscape.