A Few Questions_850px.jpg

Artist book with poem
8"h x 24"w x 8"d (open position)

Susan Campbell

created in response to Silent Succession
composed by Jesse Budel

I was moved by Jesse Budel’s composition and the concept behind it, the cogent fear of an irreparable crisis where our world is forever altered. The box of drawers houses artifacts that represent what Denali’s wilderness is losing as the biotic impoverishment rendered in Silent Succession’s soundscape accelerates.  

Jesse’s piece begins in silence and moves gently into wind over Denali’s rivers, glaciers, and forests, then increases into the frenetic chaos of climate change and back to silent wind. The pochoir print captures the intricate landscape before the chaos. The poem offers questions to contemplate as we pause to consider the losses. The box is covered with handmade marbled paper representing the amorphous blending of cello, violin, and percussion.