Envisioning Creation_850px.jpg

Envisioning Creation
Art quilt
18.5"h x 19.5"w

Ree Nancarrow

created in response to From the Darkness, We Sing the Mighty Land into Being
composed by Jennifer Wright

I visualize a dark, empty open space at the beginning of this piece.  This space fills with images, as the music gradually fills with primitive sounds. Athabaskan drumbeats are crisp white embroidered lines against the dark background.  Life began as one celled organisms.  There are small shapes embroidered within rectangular shapes at the bottom left; they are microbial life forms against a primitive landscape of cracked earth.

The unit of dark green landscape shows earth shaped by erosion, wind and temperature fluctuations.  New life forms begin to emerge, increasing in complexity.  These life forms are symbolized by printed abstract shapes, which are dark and chaotic.  The quilting lines echo the tumultuous music.  Gradually earth as we know it emerged with recognizable landscapes and vegetative forms, shown on the right.  The music builds to an intense climax, which I have emphasized with bolder, lighter lines and shapes.  The music comes to an abrupt stop, which I have indicated with a white line.