Somewhere Beyond_850px.jpg

Triptych: Somewhere Beyond
Box construction
16.25”h x 16”w x 3”d

Margo Klass

created in response to Look Up
composed by Corrinna Hogan

Look Up musically describes Corinna Hogan’s experience of hiking in Denali National Park. Placing one foot rhythmically in front of the other, she gradually becomes comfortable with uneven ground underfoot. As she allows herself to look skyward, she discovers the world above – from the shrubs at eye level, to forest’s canopy, and beyond to the farthest mountain. 
Triptych: Somewhere Beyond represents my experience of looking up while walking familiar trails right outside my back door. My eyes may rest on a cluster of birches, a raven landing on a distant spruce, or how sun filters through the leaves, but gradually, and without any particular awareness, I go beyond the visible landscape to contemplation: ideas, space, light.