Composing in the Wilderness 2019



Tentative Dates: July 9-23, 2019
Tentative Cost: approximately $1,600

We'll certainly be offering our long-standing "magic formula" of taking nine composers into the backcountry of Denali, followed by creative time in Yukon-Charley Rivers, and then a premiere in Alaska.  Every year we change a few things, but you can click HERE to see the details of the 2018 trip.


Tentative Dates: TBD
Tentative Cost: approximately $3,500

We plan to offer a second "extreme" adventure trip with a premiere in New York.  It will take place in a wilderness area of Alaska and provide participants with an immersive and challenging experience. You can click HERE to see the 2018 trip.

How to Apply

We've changed a few things about our application this year, and we've done our best to make it really easy. Once you're ready, just click the button below to begin.  It is a two step process.  You'll provide some materials on the form, and then email us a few other things.

On the FORM:

  • Contact information (name, email, address, phone, etc.).
  • Which Composing in the Wilderness Adventure you'd like to apply for.  You can apply for one or the other, or ask to be considered for both, but you can only be a participant for one of them.
  • Statement of purpose.  You'll be asked to provide a statement that responds to the following prompt:  
    • The Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival seeks to awaken participants' inner artist; enrich lives by increasing personal and professional growth; and engage the spirit, intellect and energy in an empowering way. Share with us a statement explaining how this experience would do those things for you.
  • Summary of your fitness level and experience with backcountry activities.
  • Summary of any medical or dietary issues.
  • Acknowledgement: We ask you to acknowledge the following payment and refund policy:
    • In the event that you are selected, you will be responsible for your own transportation to Fairbanks, as well as the full registration cost of the workshop. You must make an initial payment of at least 20% of the total trip cost in November, and after February 1, this is non-refundable.  The full balance must be paid in full by May 1, and no refunds will be provided after that date.  

In the EMAIL:

Send an email to with the following materials. You can attach files or provide links to content online. Please limit attached file types to MP3, JPG, and PDF. Provide functioning URLs for all other content.

  1. Audio or audio/visual samples. Two or three representative works.
  2. Samples of your notated scores. One or two representative works. Does not need to match audio.
  3. Biography/CV/resume.  
  4. A professional headshot.  We will use this in our publicity in the event that you are chosen.  Please send the highest resolution possible (preferably 300dpi).

Composing in the Wilderness has a strong history of embracing diversity, and we encourage applications from composers of all ages, nationalities, and styles.


Applications will be accepted through September 30.
Selected composers will be notified by November 1 at the latest.

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